UV lacquer vs oiled finish on oak timber flooring

U.V. lacquer timber coating

The more durable of the 2 finishes, U.V. lacquer is a hard wearing layer that sits on top of the wood surface. The lacquer is cured by high energy ultra violet rays which helps create a strong bond to the timber surface and creates a long lasting protective layer that does not penetrate into the wood.

We’ve found that our U.V. lacquer finish is the most popular option for busy households where a low maintenance and durable option is required that will last years with minimum effort and care.

If there is a downside to lacquer, it’s that it does not nourish the timber like timber oil and under certain extreme conditions the can crack, chip or start to peel. If the lacquer surface is damaged or scratched in anyway then it tends to stand out due to the colour difference of the new exposed timber.

U.V. lacquer timber floors can also be re-sanded and re-finished in a new colour that will have them looking like new.

Natural oil finish

Natural oil coatings provide slightly less hard wearing and durable protection for your timber floor but offer a more natural looking finish that arguably gets better with age as it develops its own patina and characteristics.

In contrast to lacquer, oil penetrates and hardens the timber from the inside. This leaves a more natural earthen finish that does require a little more attention and maintenance as it ages.

While oiled timber floors are more at risk from damage through staining, this can be largely mitigated by regular cleaning with a product such as Tover Deteroil that helps remove harmful substances.

Mopping every few months with a rejuvenating wax product such a Tover’s Lux Wax will also mean that your timber floor retains its natural lustre with age and offers on going protection.

Oil finished flooring will not peel like a urethane coating and scratches are less of an issue as they take on the same oiled colouring of the surrounding timber. Damage like scratches, cracks and scrapes become less noticeable over the years as they become part of the surface appearance of something that has grown beautiful with age and use.

As with lacquer finishes, oiled timber floors can be re-sanded and finished in a new colour.