Lifespan of your LivingWood floor

The LivingWood system is is a lifetime product. Timber is a natural product To achieve this and will naturally need regular maintenance, just as you would maintain your vehicle. Please see our care and maintenance guidelines.

Refinishing your floor

Your livingWood floor depending on the board selected will come with either a 4mm or a 6mm solid top layer which means the floor can be re-finished or re-sanded. Re-finishing requires a deep scrub of the surface, ideal for typical high use floors that have standard wear and tear after years of use, re-finishing is typically a 24 hour process which includes an oil coating the same day the deep scrub. Re-sanding is a much more lengthy process and is usually undertaken when floors are past the point of a deep scrub or where damage or staining has occurred where the top layer of the timber will need to be removed and the full re-coat process is undertaken. this can be up to a week depending on the size of the floor.

Handling and storage

All LivingWood pre-finished hardwood timber flooring should be stored in a cool dry place away from any moisture including moisture uprising from the concrete/ plywood / particle board substrate. Packets should remain unopened and block stacked until the time of installation to avoid cupping or distortion of the timber.
Once LivingWood pre-finished hardwood flooring has been installed we recommend the use of breathable protective coverings be used to avoid damage from sub trades and site debris that can scour the surface with the concentrated foot traffic during the fit out process.
Sun fade can occur when timber is left uncoated and items left placed on the surface will leave fade marks when direct sunlight comes in contact with the timber. Be sure to cover all of the timber or none at all.

Coating system

LivingWood pre-finished hardwood flooring comes pre-finished with a TOVER oil coating system. TOVER oil coating is a solvent free, low VOC oil coating, LivingWood pre-finished hardwood flooring is available in a range of 12 architecturally designed colour tones. Custom colour tones can be supplied on request. please speak to the team.

Care and Maintenance

The LivingWood system has been designed to offer you a long serving and forgiving surface that offers an easy care solution to a traditional hardwood floor. All LivingWood Pre-finished European Oak hardwood floors are supplied with a micro bevel edge, lightly wire brushed surface and coated in the high performance TOVER oil which offers great durability from normal to high wear/ use floors. We recommend maintenance be carried out as per the Care and maintenance document provided which frequency will vary depending on the level of wear the floor is subjected to.

Can I use a steam mop on my Hardwood Floor?

The short answer is no. Steam mops can damage wood floors. A variety of steam mops are available for use on flooring, and while some as marketed as being designed especially for hardwood, these claims should be viewed very cautiously. Steam mops heat water from 120 degrees to over 200 degrees on some models. Extreme heat & water will damage timber.

Timber grade and visual appearance

Unless specified, All LivingWood pre-finished hardwood floors are supplied as a “ Light Feature Grade” which consists of a mix of boards that include boards graded “ A,B,C D” meaning you will receive a mixture of boards from clears ( no defect ) to boards that include defects such as filled knots and splits. All defects are filled with black filler to act as a feature to compliment the natural aesthetic of your LivingWood floor. Custom floors with specific grading requirements can be ordered, please talk to us about further details.

Animals and pets

Animals and Pets are ok, Keep in mind animal urine is highly acidic, any urine left on the floor for a period of time will penetrate through the coating and stain the timber. Dogs and cats may also need to have their paws trimmed as nails can damage the floor when scratching occurs.

Heated floors

LivingWood pre-finished hardwood flooring can be installed over heated flooring, however this will need to be installed by a professional, contact us for more details.


Nation wide delivery available including HIAB delivery and unload into home options available. please contact the team for more information.

Timber Fade

All timber fades regardless of the timber component or the coating system. This is simply due to UV light and exposure to the sun. This is to be expected on LivingWood floors and is a natural part of the floors ageing process. To avoid large and obvious sun fade, large mats should be either left off for the first 12 months or shifted around frequently. Areas that are exposed to direct sunlight are more likely to experience concentrated sun fade. All livingWood floors coated with an oil finish should expect this natural process to age down over the first 12-18 months resulting in a beautiful and natural patina.